Type of dermatology

Speciallist services

  • General dermatology
  • Children’s dermatology
  • Cutaneous allergy
  • Dermatology surgery and laser unit
  • Skin cancer and tumour

Severe inflammatory and allergic skin disease

  • Severe eczema and allied allergic disease
  • Severe psoriasis
  • Severe cotaneous drug reactions
  • Dermatology surgery and laser unit
  • Urticaria

Skin disease and the sun

  • Photodermatology

Disease of the mouth, hair and nails

  • Hair and nails

Rare skin disease

  • Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP)

Treatment centres

  • Dermatology Day Centre
  • Phototherapy

Specialist dermatology laboratories

  • Dermatopathology – identifies pathology changes associated with skin diseases/abnormalities/infections by examination of the skin structure microscopically.
  • Immunofluorescene – provides immunological diagnoses of acquired blistering diseases using
    tissue biopsy and blood samples.
  • Mycology – identifies fungal infections of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes by microscopy and culture.
  • Skin tumor unit – offers a molecular diagnostic service using PCR based techniques to identify clonal T cell and B cell populations to assist in the diagnosis of primary cutaneous T and B cell lymphomas.
  • Cotaneous allergy relevant to individuals – identifies potential allergens by extensively patch testing and photo patch testing.
  • Photodermatology – offers a diagnostic services of photodermatoses using the wide range of relevant light-based and molecular tests.
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